1979 Yamaha XS650

Inspiration started with a ’69 Aermacchi scooter tank. Months later, the bike was sourced, brought to the shop and completely disassembled.

Minor modifications on the tank were made and then began a lengthy search for a petcock and gas cap. The wheel/tire combo was measured, then re-measured and finally decided upon. Front end was swapped out for a vintage Honda unit which gave a lower stance and allowed a disc to drum swap for aesthetics. Wheels were sourced out to Woody’s Wheel Works – Excel flanged rims, Buchanan spokes, and semi-gloss black powdercoat.

The rear hoop remains to encapsulate the rear cowl and also tie into the bit of exposed backbone between the tank and seat – using florist foam to come up with the shape. The seat pan and final foam were formed and upholstered by Mike Brewer to match the pattern of the Coker tires.The tail section was fabricated by local artist/sculptor Brad White.

Controls, cables, plate brackets, lights, electronics, fuel lines, etc. were all modified, fabricated and installed. The colors were all based upon some rootbeer-colored grips. Paint is House of Kolor Copper.