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The bond between motorcycle enthusiasts runs deep. Maybe the only thing that runs deeper is the bond between family members. Scott gets his love of motorcycles honest – as a single father, his dad sold his vintage Honda when Scott was just a youngin’, in order to be able to care for him and his older brother. His dad also fostered a love of art, which was the catalyst for Scott enrolling in advanced art classes in grade school and high school, a love of which is still reflected in the clean, defined lines of his current builds.

Following the passing of his father, Scott developed a deep bond with Doug Russell, who would go on to become a father figure. Doug, who owned Crinkum-Crankum, located in Scott’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, mentored him for over six-years, helping him understand the mechanical workings of kinetic sculptures, fabricating, painting, as well as mastering a variety of tools.

After working as a graphic designer for nearly fifteen-years, and tired of the daily 9:00-5:00 grind, in 2012 Scott decided to pursue his real love – building custom motorcycles that are functional pieces of art. This required turning his basement garage into a two-bay workshop, buying the necessary tools, and honing his skills. Soon after his first build, a Honda CB450 bobber, the awards started rolling in. Five builds later, Scott’s motorcycles have received multiple Best In Class awards and press, not only in the United States, but also the United Kingdom, Australia, and Italy.In addition to being a nationally recognized motorcycle builder, Scott is the driving force behind the Kentucky KickDown, which has quickly become one of the premier mid-South motorcycle shows, drawing folks from as far away as Florida and Canada. With support from vendors, motorcycle enthusiasts, and builders, the KickDown continues to grow annually.

Honda Valkyrie
2001 Ducati 900SS
1981 Honda Gold Wing
1973 Honda CB350
Triumph Bonneville
Yamaha XS650
1983 BMW R75/5
1980 Yamaha XT500
1979 Yamaha XS650
1987 BMW K100RT
1978 Honda GL1000
1982 Honda FT500
1985 BMW K100RS
1971 HONDA CB450

The first, and probably by far the largest group, will be the readers who say, “who the hell is Scott Hal… Hal…” And then there will be those of you know who Scott is in the same way that you know that Dare Jennings is the guy behind Mambo and Deus Motorcycles, and that Ian Barry is the guy who owns Falcon Motorcycles. See, every bike that Scott has fashioned has been a jaw-to-the-floor, put me in a nice dress and call me Shirley world beater.

-Andrew Jones, Pipeburn

Whether you already have a motorcycle or are in the market for one, call us. We’ll be happy to discuss customizing your current machine, or help you decide what the best donor bike would be based on your size, riding style, etc. Our shop rates are very modest. Our capabilities are limitless. We just want the opportunity to build you a one-off custom bike.

H Garage was chosen to compete in one of the most intense bike build offs in the world. 3 days straight, $3000 budget and a team of three. No idea what the bike was, what tools would be at our disposal, or where we would get parts. The premiere airs November 15th and the H Garage episode will air on December 13th. Watch as team H Garage, including Chad Francis of Retrowrench and Jeff Gill of Air Kooled Inc, compete against the clock and some of the most prestigous bike builders in the country.

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